July 2016

Bashiri Asad’s IndySoul Suite

bashiri-asadMy latest post for Musical Family Tree was a great chat with Indianapolis’ Bashiri Asad about his upcoming event, IndySoul Suite at Shiraz Wine Cafe on Mass Ave. Asad has created this event to spotlight independent soul artists and the first IndySoul Suite will feature Brian Christopher from Washington D.C.

Read the interview here.



Garbage At Old National Centre Indianapolis

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Steve Marker of the band Garbage about their latest album Strange Little Birds for NUVO. The new album is fantastic and my wife and I were able attend their recent concert at Indianapolis’ Old National Centre. With my photo pass firmly adhered to my t-shirt, I sat at the front of the stage and took pictures of the band during their song “Stupid Girl.” Here are some of those said pictures. I used several different VSCO film emulators in Adobe Camera Raw.

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